Mortgage services

Based on deep local knowledge and international experience

Origination solutions

A full suite of services for investors in the Dutch mortgage market. The Dutch mortgage market, with its dynamic growth and strong credit performance, is an exciting opportunity for investors seeking a balance of yield and acceptable risk. With our in-depth knowledge of the Dutch mortgage market, we provide: Strategic advice on selecting correct asset class to meet risk/return criteria and exploit underserved niches. Advice on your mortgage distribution strategy and connect you to all relevant parties. The design of your key risk-, product- and pricing policies.

Product management

Development and maintenance of successful products and policies. We are the pivot point in your organization. With our deep local knowledge, proven experience and international market insights, we bring the different parts of the business together to build and launch great products and key policies with a competitive advantage and perform the maintenance of your greatest assets – your mortgage portfolio.

Product marketing

Bring your product marketing strategy to the next level. We believe combining in depth knowledge of mortgages and the mortgage industry, with extensive marketing experience and a no nonsense approach, is the best recipe for a successful product marketing strategy. Of course we can also assist your team bring the strategy into into action and success.

Why work with TDMC?


TDMC believes in a world in which the goals and aspirations of home owners, mortgage lenders, and all stakeholders are met through the provision of clear and helpful information, transparent data and mutual understanding.


This can be achieved with proper knowledge, proven experience, a deep understanding of the market, it’s trends and a great (international) network.


We are The Dutch Mortgage Consultants. We only use the highest caliber consultants and interim managers from the Dutch Mortgage Industry. We support our customers with our Origination solutions, Product management and Product marketing services. We won’t stop before you are fully satisfied with the result.

The past several years, Michel and Jaap delivered a great contribution to the development of our mortgage company. They were involved in strategy and product development and the implementation of (new) legislation. Their experience and knowledge ensured a quick, solid and good solution of the challenges encountered. Their commitment to the organization and high quality standards makes them and the TDMC a reliable and enthusiastic team that I like to recommend.

Eric Janssen – Director Products en ABN AMRO Mortgages | Retail & Private Banking

During the brainstorming and design phase of the MCD project at SNS Bank, The Dutch Mortgage Consultants established themselves as open and reliable partners as well as flexible thinkers. In addition to this, they have a broad knowledge of banking, are persuasive and are a valuable resource to have at your side!

Jeroen van Bockhoven – SNS Bank

TDMC helped us to estimate the impact of the implementation of the MCD. Immediately after our first conversation it was clear that their knowledge and skills would help us to make the right decisions. We thoroughly enjoyed working with TDMC and it made us hungry for more.

Eric Kok – Syntrus Achmea Real Estate & Finance

Our team

We are the driving force behind TDMC and bringing change to the mortgage industry. Will we be seeing you soon?

Michel van der Sluis MSM

Managing Director

Ronald Veld

Associate Partner

Remco van Setten

Senior Consultant

Aad Jansen

Senior Consultant

Jaap van Raak


Jan van Baars

Advisory Board

Joost Melis

Advisory Board

Michiel Meijer

Advisory Board

Bernadette Schaap – den Heijer


Latest mortgage news

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It takes two to tango om de aflossingsvrije hypotheekschuld van € 340 miljard te lijf gaan

Vanaf 2034 bereikt een flink deel van het aantal aflossingsvrije hypotheken het einde van de looptijd. Te veel huishoudens beschikken dan over onvoldoende financiële middelen om af te lossen. In totaal bedraagt de Nederlandse aflossingsvrije schuld € 340 miljard. ‘Banken informeren hun klanten, maar it takes two to tango om dit probleem op te lossen’, […]

TDMC update februari 2018

Je hoeft vast niet lang na te denken over de vraag of je een trend ziet ontstaan waarbij hypotheekverstrekkers duiken op het verduurzamen van de woning. Want veel verstrekkers besteden hier aandacht aan. Maar waarom eigenlijk? Spelen ze daarmee vooral in op de behoefte van de klant? Vaak weet de klant niet dat hij al […]

The Dutch Mortgage Consultants B.V (TDMC) stellen een adviesraad in per januari 2018, bestaande uit Jan van Baars, Joost Melis en Michiel Meijer

TDMC is een snelgroeiend consultancy bedrijf met een bewezen staat van dienst in de Nederlandse hypotheekmarkt. Wij bieden een groot aantal diensten aan zowel Nederlandse als buitenlandse partijen zoals banken, geldverstrekkers, overheden en investeerders.   Jaap en Michel (partners bij TDMC): “Vanwege onze snelle groei hebben we besloten om een adviesraad aan te stellen. We […]

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